Dumb Charade Privacy

“Dumb Charade” (“Application”) works as a video recording application. You can create personal chromakey videos using Dumb Charade application and share on various social media platforms or store them in your phone.

You are responsible for ensuring that all data and/or recordings transmitted by using the application and/or by use of the Application, do not violate any rights of third parties nor are subject to a license of a third party, which grants the necessary rights for data and/or recordings aforesaid. You agree to indemnify and hold Dumb Charade harmless against all third party claims relating to violations of rights such as copyrights, moral rights, unfair competition, trademark rights or rights of the press. It is your responsibility not to use illegal third party content. In the case of an offense or alleged infringement of these rules Dumb Charade is entitled to ban you from further use of the application without notice and with immediate effect.

Dumb Charade makes no warranties or takes any responsibility regarding the application‘s functionality. The use of the application is at your own risk. Dumb Charade makes no warranty or liability for indirect damages, consequential damages and/or incidental damages resulting from the use of the application and/or result by use of the Application. Dumb Charade reserves the right to remove a user, if that appears necessary, and makes no claim to the use of the application. Dumb Charade is entitled to discontinue the application at any time in its sole discretion. The application may collect personal information exclusively to the technically necessary extent. Dumb Charade does not sell any personal data or otherwise disclose to third parties. Your general personal information is requested with your express prior authorization according to the settings on your phone or Application. To use the application the you may need to authorize the Application to access your Social media accounts in order to post your recording or videos. The data provided will be used solely for the purpose of execution of the application. Any other use of your personal data by Dumb Charade is excluded.

You can stop using the application at any time by uninstalling the application and revoking social media access to the application from respective social media websites accounts.